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5 Best Holiday Hairstyles

As you look forward to your holiday celebrations – whether they will be in person or on Zoom this year – you want to be sure your style is on point. With a great hairstyle and blowout, you will be the envy of all your guests. Shock and amaze them with one of these greatest holiday hairstyles.


1. Updo

There is just something so elegant about an updo. This beautiful hairstyle works well with straight or curly hair. By the time your stylist is done with you, your hair looks like a masterpiece and you look like royalty.

The updo can take on many forms. Even people with shoulder-length or even shorter hair can beautify themselves with the updo.

Start with a blowout so that you have maximum volume with your hairstyle. Apply some texture spray. Then, gather your hair in the back and pin it in place. Finish with hairspray.

You can put all your hair up or just part of it for a half-up updo, however you prefer.

2. Braid

Add an element of whimsy by including one or more braids with your holiday hairstyle. If you want a dramatic look, go for a loose fishtail braid. Or, add braids with your updo or as a contrast to your sleek blown out hair. Add a braid that goes horizontally across the back of your head for an artful look. Leave your hair down for the party but add in some long braids to complete the look.

3. Flowing Tresses

If you want to feel free this holiday season, go for a modern look with flowing tresses. Keep your hair down after you get a beautiful blowout to maximize your hair’s volume. This works with straight hair, wavy hair, or curls.

If you have straight hair but want some waves, twist big sections of your blown out hair around a large-barreled curling iron. Use your fingers to unwind your hair and ruffle it while still hot.

Add a holiday-inspired decorative clip to complete the look, such as a glittery hair pin or some mistletoe tucked behind your ear.

4. Polished Blow Out

If a blow out is not part of your regular routine, this look can make you reconsider. A professional blow out salon will make you feel wonderful as their professional stylists blow dry each section of your hair for maximum impact. We can finish the look by creating a side part and pinning your hair behind your ear.

5. Wavy Ponytail

Combine elegance and simplicity with a wavy ponytail. Start with a blow out and then divide your hair into three equal sections. Put the center section into a ponytail. Pull one o the other sections over the ponytail and pin in place. Do the same for the other section. Use a styling tool to create subtle waves in your hair. Apply a finishing spray.

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Tips for a Beautiful Blowout

If you need a little pick-me-up or simply want some tips on how to improve your day-to-day look, a blowout can give you that effortless look complete with shiny locks. Here is your step-by-step guide on how to get a beautiful blowout.


1. Shampoo and Condition Your Hair

A good blowout begins with a shampoo, followed by conditioner to only the tips of your hair to avoid weighing it down. Use products that are designed for your particular hair type, such as dry or frizzy.


2. Remove Extra Moisture 

You want to be able to minimize the amount of time that you spend blow drying your hair, so remove extra moisture after getting out of the shower. Your hair should be damp, not wet, when you begin drying your hair.  Use a wide tooth comb and detangle your hair. Use a very soft towel to blot dry your hair; don’t rub coarsely.


3. Apply Heat Protectant

Add a heat protectant product to your hair before you let a blow dryer near your hair. This type of product shields your hair from heat damage, breakage, and fraying strands by creating a protective barrier between your hair and the heat. Use a product that is suited for your particular hair type and hair needs.


4. Move to Your Bedroom

Because humidity can cause frizz, avoid doing the blow drying in a muggy bathroom and instead move to your bedroom for the next steps.


5. Rough Dry Your Hair

Rough dry your hair on medium heat. Lift a section of your hair from the top of your hair and pull it taught with your fingers. If you have thick hair, you might need to use a higher setting. Direct the heat towards your roots where the most volume is needed. Repeat this process until your hair is 60 to 70% dry. This process will help prevent frizz. Run your fingers through your hair and use the blow dryer to remove the remaining moisture.


6. Choose the Right Dryer and Brush

Use a blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle to replicate salon-quality blowouts. This nozzle can help you reach all areas of your hair and direct heat in those areas. If you have curly hair, an ionic dryer can help cut down on frizz. Use a boar bristle brush that can smooth your hair.


7. Section and Style Your Hair

Use clips to separate your hair into sections, including at the crown, back, and sides of your hair. Take 1 ½-inch to 2-inch portion of hair from each section and wrap it around your brush, pulling it taught. Follow this with your nozzle. The concentrator nozzle should be pointed down to keep your hair smooth. Continue this process by working in these small sections until you have dried all of your hair. Try to avoid using the highest heat setting as you go, if possible.


8. Apply Finishing Cream

Finish the process by adding a dime-sized amount of finishing cream to your hair.


Consult a Professional

If you do not quite get the look you want or simply want a professional to handle the job, contact Luxe Style Bar to set up an appointment.




Everything You Need To Know About Dry Hair Style And Blowouts

Good hair days are days when we feel at our best and are ready to take on the world. You can’t help but smile when you feel good about your hair, and other people notice it, too. The problem is that good hair days can be hard to come by. We all have our days that our hair doesn’t want to work with us, no matter how hard we try. How many times have you spent an hour with your hairdryer and flat iron, only to pull your hair back in a bun because it won’t cooperate?

Blowout bars have been on the scene for several years now, but we get customers all of the time who are first-timers. There are so many misconceptions people have about a blowout and dry style experience. Often, new customers assume the service is expensive or time-consuming. Not true. I have had customers who thought that the process required harsh chemicals or ongoing chemical treatments, which is not the case. Other customers didn’t realize the styles can be maintained for three or more days.

No More Misconceptions

It is not unusual for a woman to walk in with those misconceptions and walk out less than 60-minutes later, wondering why she hadn’t tried it sooner. Here are some things you should know if you have been thinking about getting a blowout:

Take the Stress Away: It can be frustrating to have all the right tools at home to pull off a flawless blowout. Not only that but holding your arms in the air for an extended time and trying to do it in a confined space – no thanks! Allow us to treat you to a relaxing and stress-free hair therapy session without the sore shoulders at the end.

Play for Days: When was the last time you styled your hair and wore it like that for multiple days? Look no further than a blow out at your favorite Fort Lauderdale blow dry bar! That’s right, a good blowout lasts an average of three days, and some may last up to five days. Keep reading to learn how good products combined with proper care will extend the life of your dry style or blowout!!

Price is Right: Several of my clients swapped out their weekly manicure for a blowout and insist they will never go back. The price for beautiful hair is usually the same or less than your average Mani/Pedi! Not a bad deal for the amount of time and energy you will save as a result.

Let the Experts Handle It: There are so many angles that are involved in getting a good blowout. The angle of the brush, the direction of the dryer, and the length of your hair can make the DIY experience very unpleasant. Instead, you could sit back and let the experts handle all of the hard stuff while you kickback.

Sleep on Satin: If you want to keep your blowout looking sleek, treat it to some smooth surroundings. Using a silk or satin pillowcase or hair wrap reduces friction on your hair, thus reducing the frizziness associated with bedhead. Other fibers can also absorb the natural oils in your hair, drying out your hair over time.

Avoid Moisture: Moisture and blowouts are not great friends, but there is a simple fix for when you need to jump in the shower: a shower cap! Yep, it will be your best friend when you are trying to preserve your luscious locks from the humidity.

More Styles: Customers often don’t realize we do more than just a basic blowdry! The blowout is a flexible style that can change depending on your mood, the day, or any other reason. Also, a dry style can be done in less than 30-minutes by one of our stylists and can be done many different ways to fit your lifestyle, plus it can be a great alternative to wearing your hair down or getting some extra mileage out of an older blowout. Let’s talk about a few different ways you can wear your blowout:

  • Classic blowouts will give your sleek style, maximize length, and add some serious volume. It is wearable for nearly any occasion and will provide you with the excellent hair day vibes you need to take on any challenge.
  • Beach waves are gentle and subtle, and this style can be worn for both day and night looks. It can be an excellent look for jetting off for the weekend or a nice way to start the workweek.
  • Loose curls are tighter than beach waves and can be a stunning look for your next big event. Whether you are giving a board presentation, showing a home, or doing a wine night with the ladies, this is a great look.
  • Somewhere between waves and loose curls in a modern finger curl style is a gorgeous new take on a classic look, and it is very versatile.
  • A popular favorite right now is a sleek bobbed look. It is a very chic and striking style that will give you confidence walking into your next sales meeting or cutting the ribbon at your grand opening.
  • Updos are a great way to add some interest to your style and still feel put together. Better than a basic messy-bun, these styles can be modified or enhanced for several days to get the most out of your styling session.

Now that you know the ropes, you are thinking, “Where can I find a blowout bar near me?” Look no further than our professional stylists! We are here and ready to help you find the style to fit your next occasion. Call or stop by to learn about blowouts and dry styling.