Collagen induction therapy


is a newer skin procedure that often delivers amazing results. We may recommend this treatment if you would like to encourage new collagen growth to improve your overall skin quality.

dermopen face treatment

The Process

Microneedling uses very fine needles to poke tiny holes into your skin. Aestheticians may use a derma roller, a special tool with hundreds of needles, on clients, or they may use a microneedling machine that pushes needles back and forth as they move it across the skin.

The process works by making the skin naturally heal itself. Your body begins to grow more collagen, which thickens skin and helps elasticize your skin.


Your specialist may apply a skin cream or serum to minimize pain or discomfort. It is not uncommon to experience a little pain with this procedure. Your healing time will generally depend on how deep the needles were inserted into your skin.


It may take a few weeks or months to notice the benefits of the treatment since the growth of new collagen usually takes at least three months.


What It Treats

Microneedling is used to treat:

Fine lines



Acne scars

Large pores

Brown spots


Uneven skin texture


Some tips for a good microneedling experience include:



Avoid using an at-home microneedling kit since they can be dangerous



Do not complete microneedling if you are currently suffering from skin conditions like warts, cold sores, active acne, or a skin infection



Only use new and sterilized needles

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