Beauty Salon FAQ

  1. What is a dry style?

    A dry style is performed on dry hair. You can choose from a variety of styles that include beach waves, curls, braids and more. It’s the fastest way to get glammed at Luxe.

  2. What is a blow out?

    A blow out is our signature hair service. In 45 minutes or less we wash, blowout and style hair to your liking. We have amazing memberships for clients that come every 2 weeks or weekly.

  3. How long do blowouts last?

    Blowouts can last up to 1 week. Depends on the lifestyle and the type of hair.

  4. How can I make my blowout last longer?

    You can use dry shampoo which can be purchased at Luxe and we can show you how to use it properly to extend the blowout.

  5. What happens if I have extensions – can I still do a blowout?

    Yes you can certainly get a blowout with extensions. We are experts in tape extension services. You can trust any of our stylists to handle your extensions with care.

  6. Can you wash your hair after a blowout?

    Yes you can

  1. Do you still have to wax your eyebrows after Microblading?

    Yes you still have to clean up the excess hair especially because Microblading can promote hair growth.

  2. Does Microblading fade after first session?

    It is possible that there is fading after the first session which is why we do a second session called perfection session.

  3. Can you wash your face and hair after Microblading?

    The first 12 hours after microblading are crucial for healing. You must follow all the instructions including washing the eyebrows with the after care provided only. Using other products to wash your face with is not recommended.

  4. How long do you have to wait in between microblading treatments?

    The skin needs to heal fully in order to do another session 28 days is the minimum time recommended.

  5. What are microblading treatments good for?

    Microblading is good to add natural looking tattooed hair strokes into the eyebrow. It’s a natural day look not a make up look.

  6. Can I put makeup on after a microblading?

    After microblading you cannot put make up on for at least 3 to 5 days.

  1. Do I need to collect images of styles I like?

    It’s not mandatory but highly recommended.

  2. Should my hair be freshly washed before the trial run?

    For the trial we can discuss over the phone with our wedding coordinator which styles you are looking for and decide then. Normally updos don’t require a blowout but it depends on the hair and the style desired.

  3. How much time do you need on my wedding day?

    It takes about 2 hours for bride hair and make up. The time depends also on the weeding party how many people are getting services. For the wedding party we only need about 40 min per service.

  1. Do you offer chemical free hair treatments?

    We offer an array of chemical free treatments for hair, nails and skin. Our ,most popular chemical free treatment is our keratin. It is formaldehyde free and it does wonders for the hair.

  2. Do you accept walk ins?

    We certainly do however we cannot guarantee that we will have an opening. The best way to reserve an appointment is through our online system.