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Fort Lauderdale blow dry bars like Luxe Style Bar are becoming a more popular means of getting one’s hair styled. People are looking for fast hair services that will have them looking professional or stylish in minutes. Yet, it is important to recognize that there is a difference between the typical salon experience and the one you get at a blow dry bar. We’re going to show you these differences while also teaching you what to expect from a local experience in Fort Lauderdale.

What You Get from a Fort Lauderdale Blow Dry Bar

When you go to a blow dry bar, you’ll quickly find that the experience is different than the one you’re used to getting at a salon. These businesses only provide services that are involved with washing, blow drying, and styling their customers’ hair.

You will immediately notice that these places don’t offer haircuts, coloring, or other sorts of hair treatments. Blow dry bars are strictly a place for you to get a glamorous style without having to wait for someone else’s hour-long appointment to end.

Often, you will have a menu of services that are available to you and a set price for each listed very prominently. While a blow dry bar is far from being a place that is trying to get you in and out of the seat as fast as possible, they do value your time and work with some haste.

Also, don’t be surprised if you see extra services that are unique to a specific location as well as a luxurious waiting area that is designed to keep you entertained and comfortable.

How is This Different from a Salon?

To review, here is how a blow dry bar is different from a salon:

  • Blow dry bars don’t offer haircuts, coloring, or other treatments
  • The prices tend to be lower and listed on a menu
  • The wait times and appointments are shorter
  • Blow dry bars can offer unique services at a specific location

Blow dry bars are a great place for you to get your hair styled for a meeting, date, or just to look good. While there are certainly some differences between a regular salon and a Fort Lauderdale blow dry bar like Luxe Style Bar, you’ll enjoy every minute of your experience here. A complete list of a la carte services, great workers, and more are waiting for you. Feel free to call to get more information or set an appointment so your hair can look and feel great.

Popular Fort Lauderdale Blow Dry Bar Offers Blowouts Customers Love

In case you are wondering what a blow dry bar is…

Blow dry bars are similar to typical hair salons, but they offer the additional service of blowouts for ladies looking to achieve a smooth and sleek look, style and feel. Visiting a dry bar can be a luxury indulgence, a necessary step in preparing for a special event, or a way to help you look and feel your best during a busy week.

At most dry bars, you will be given a wash and then the stylist will dry your hair without curling or a flat iron! You will be able to choose a style of your liking from a selection on a preset menu from an experienced team of stylists.

Visiting a dry bar is a great way to give your hair a needed lift between haircuts and help you maintain a style you love for a special occasion or night out. Blow outs tend to be efficient so you are able to achieve a glam look without spending hours in a hair salon. It is one of the most affordable ways to maintain a hairdo without undergoing treatments that will lead to damaging your hair.

A dry bar offers a great opportunity to bond with friends, relax, or prepare for a big event. The environment in a dry bar is relaxing and who doesn’t love being pampered?

LUXE Style Bar Gives You a Style for Any Special Occasion – or Any Day!

You can find blow dry bars in just about every city across the country now, including Fort Lauderdale. The area’s best dry bars let you choose from a variety of styles include curls, braids, up-dos, basic styling, and blowouts.

At Luxe Style Bar, you will be treated to a blowout that will have you feeling and looking your best. All of our stylists are highly trained and experienced with certifications each in their own specialty.

Our Fort Lauderdale Blow Dry Bar utilizes industry leading styling products with high-quality performance. Products are sulfate-free and provide heat protection so your blowout does not damage your hair.

In addition to basic blow-outs, we also offer chemical-free treatments like capilar rejuvenation and formaldehyde free keratin. This means you can treat your hair to a healthy indulgence between cuts and ensure that it looks great even if it has been several weeks since your last visit to your full-service salon.

At Luxe Style Bar we also offer hair extension services from a specialist certified with Easy Hair Pro. Our high-quality extensions come with a one year warranty and all of our stylists are dedicated to bringing out the best in your hair by treating, protecting, and styling your hair!


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