Fort Lauderdale Microblading


What is Microblading?

The microblading process typically takes about 2-3 hours. Discomfort associated with microblading is minimal, Technicians can measure your face and create the perfectly shaped brow that is tailored to your facial structure.

Microblading is done with a handheld tool that features tiny needles to scratch the skin’s surface and draw on new brows with light, hair-like strokes. Pigment is spread across the surface of the brow which settles into the drawn crevices to create the appearance of a full and even brow.

After 4 weeks, you will return for a touch-up and any gaps will be filled in.

That is it. For just a few hours’ investment, you get full, groomed brows that you do not need to worry about every morning.

Experienced Fort Lauderdale Microblading is Safe and Effective

Though microblading tends to be pricier than other brow grooming solutions, those who use the technique say it is worth it because it is long-lasting and significantly reduces the amount of work and money they invest into keeping their brows looking great.

Microblading is safe and effective and offers:

Those with thin, sparse brows full and symmetrical brows on a semi-permanent basis
Natural looking that lasts longer than pencils and other techniques
Alternative to actual tattooing of brows
An efficient way to save time and ensure your brows look great every single day.
When done properly by trained and licensed technicians, microblading is entirely safe. Microblading performed at a sterile professional salon that has been inspected and approved by the health department is a safe way to maintain your brows and get the look you want without the expense, hassle, and commitment of other brow grooming techniques.

Microblading is an investment in your appearance that you will not regret.


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LUXE Style Bar is a blow dry bar and beauty salon that offers a variety of services including microblading, blowouts, braids, organic keratin treatments, tape in extensions, make up, lash lifts, manicures, and skin treatments. The microblading technicians at the salon are trained professionals who know how to perform the service safely and effectively.

The goal of LUXE Style Bar is to bring a feel to the community. The highly trained team can help you with your salon needs and guarantees you will be 100% satisfied.


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