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Choose from various hairstyles including curls, braids, updos, styling, and blowouts. All of our stylists are highly trained and experienced with certifications each in their own specialty. We use industry leading styling products with high-quality performance. All the products are sulfate free and have heat protection. We also offer chemical-free treatments like capilar rejuvenation and formaldehyde free keratin. We have a hair extension specialist certified with Easi Hair Pro. These high-quality extensions come with a one year warranty. At our Blow Dry Bar, the stylists are dedicated to bringing out the best in your hair by treating, protecting and styling your hair!a

Luxe Style Bar – Female-Exclusive
Hair Services in Fort Lauderdale

Luxe Style Bar caters to females seeking thorough, relaxing, effective beautification techniques. One of our primary foci is hair care, ranging from “dry-bar” services such as braids and curls to show-stealing hairstyles for special events such as weddings, birthday parties, and baby showers. We treat our clients like family, and we strive to deliver beautification experiences that are pleasing, cost-competitive, and high-quality. We combine top-tier talent, a range of products to cater to every hair type, and competitive prices to deliver unforgettable hair care to our clients.

Dry/Blowout Services

Our staff offers 45-minute sessions where we wash, blowout, and style our clients’ hair to their preferred styles. Our goal is to quickly and effectively craft hairstyles that match our clients’ needs, styles, and time constraints. We use products that match our clients’ hair types for optimal results. Our blowouts can last a week, though dry shampoos can extend a blowout’s duration. Though we do not offer full haircuts, we will perform trims upon request. We offer membership discounts for clients who schedule routine blowout sessions.

Event Services

Luxe Style bar has an on-site wedding coordinator that can work with the bride and her bridal party. Our services include 40 minutes of hair care for each member of the bridal party. We offer a full range of styles that are sure to match any combination of wedding theme and wedding party dresses. In addition, we can help clients prepare for a wide range of events ranging from Girls’ Night Out to corporate events. Give us advance notice and details, and we can give you hairstyles that will captivate attendees and audiences.

Chemical-Free Services

Luxe Style Bar has chemical-free hair treatments for clients with chemical sensitivities or allergies. We have had frequent success with our keratin treatments. Our keratin treatments do not contain formaldehyde, and we have achieved great success with using keratin to style and restore hair. We will gladly work with clients to ensure that our products do not force clients to suffer for their style.

Flexible Pricing Options

Luxe Style Bar offers multiple pricing levels that cater to both occasional customers and frequent hair-care seekers. We offer membership plans that include 2-4 blowouts per month. We also have a “Use As You Go” package for blowout services. We perform complimentary consultations for clients interested in hair extensions. A full list of our services and prices is available on GoBooker.



Luxe Style Bar prides itself on being a high-quality beauty salon and dry bar that serves the beautification needs of Fort Lauderdale females. The products that we use are sulfate-free, and we offer formaldehyde-free options such as keratin treatments. We also apply heat protection to protect the health of our clients’ hair. Whatever hair style our clients desire, we can ensure complete satisfaction. Please feel free to contact us by filling out our online form, emailing us at, or sending us a phone call or text message at (954) 908-5702. We also offer booking services for our services on GoBooker.